Apr 05, 2018
Committing to specific digital tactics can be difficult for marketers. There are so many different approaches that it can be tempting to continuously swipe left in search of something better. While there are quite a few bad matches out there, there also are some strategies and channels that are keepers. These approaches aren’t perfect – some have even broken marketers’ hearts in the past – but settling down with them can lead to something beautiful. Specifically, every digital marketer who wants to improve the effectiveness and efficiency of their efforts should learn to love these seven… more
Apr 03, 2018
The best events transcend engaging the audience – they make the subject matter and entire experience come alive. An increasingly popular method is projection mapping, a technique that upends all our memories of flat-screen home movie projections and creates 3D experiences like those at the Courtyard by Marriott Super Bowl Sleepover in New York City. From theme parks to Super Bowls to brand activations, event organizers are increasingly incorporating the tech. Also known as spatial augmented reality or video mapping, the technique maps projected images onto nearly any surface, such as a… more
Apr 02, 2018
Marketing your business at a trade show is one of the most effective ways to promote your business, but only if it’s done right. Throughout a trade show, you’ll meet a variety of potential customers and clients, but you’ll be surrounded by competition, so you’ll need to make sure that you’re able to make yourself stand out from the crowd. One of the best ways to do this is by writing effective marketing copy, perhaps in the form of brochures or flyers. This is a great way to inform and educate your leads and to help them remember you when they leave. To help you perfect this unique… more
Mar 27, 2018
With supple fabrics, charismatic hues and daring combinations of pattern and texture, exhibit and event décor design is both daring and demure in 2018. Color and pattern trends that will dominate the year include Gray Seating, Bold Energetic Colors, as well as Graphic and Tropical Patterns. Design trends you can expect to find in 2018 are Luxurious Curves, Rich Textures, Modern Industrial Chic incorporating the 70’s vibe, and Powered Meeting Chairs. Incorporating furniture design trends can keep exhibits relevant and engaging. Here are a few to consider:   Stark, angular furnishings are… more
Mar 22, 2018
Digital transformation has changed today’s audiences. Consumers are more sophisticated and skeptical, preferring experiences over brands, moments over bargains. Legacy advertising and marketing no longer have that impactful reach. This consumer shift hasn’t just changed brand experience marketing – which makes events more personal and tailored – but also the way organizers approach sponsorship. More than ever, it’s crucial for show organizers to challenge traditional sponsorship programs and take those extra (nuanced and digital) steps to understand and offer features that make sponsorship… more
Mar 20, 2018
Trade show professionals know that bigger booths tend to grab the most attention from attendees. A bigger booth means that massive creative displays can be set up, so visitors can’t help but gawk at the exhibit. Understandably, then, event marketers working with a smaller budget – and therefore a smaller booth – may sometimes feel a little disheartened, anxious that their humble little booth won’t reap a competitive return on investment (ROI). But the fact is that bigger isn’t always better. A giant highway billboard, for example, can bleed an advertising department of its budget – while a… more
Mar 15, 2018
We work with a host of clients, helping them bring sometimes massive spaces at a single location or distributed over the globe into the digital world. The technology enables them to give anyone, located anywhere in the world, the ability to explore their space in virtual reality. Tens to hundreds of thousands of square feet – at your fingertips. I got very excited when I saw how one client is using VR technology at a trade show, where they were able to “bring” their massive facility with them – in their pocket! Someone would walk up to their booth, strap on a pair of Oculus VR goggles and… more
Mar 13, 2018
If you're going to exhibit at a trade show, then you need to bring your A game. More importantly, you need to ensure that you spend as little as you can while still making the biggest possible impression on those you meet. So, while it's a good idea to bring some extra business cards and that pop-up display that catches the eye of every passerby, here are some things you should avoid doing in order to cut down on the amount of wasted material, time and effort at your next event. 1. Useful Promotional Giveaways If you're going to offer a promotional product, it's important to make sure it's… more
Mar 08, 2018
One of the most common questions I hear when talking about data and events is “I have more data than I know what to do with, now what?” It’s true that most events are not suffering from a lack of data collection or data being generated on attendees and exhibitors. But, many event organizers and marketers are still at a loss when it comes to developing insights and action using their data. Where to focus first? Most event data revolves around one of two groups: Attendees and Exhibitors. The logical place to start with data analysis is to focus on attendee data first. Attendee data tends to… more
Mar 06, 2018
The Millennial audience is a subject of interest and wielder of influence for good reason. A Brookings Institution study predicts that Millennials will account for 1 in 3 American adults by 2020 and up to 75 percent of the U.S. workforce by 2025. That ubiquity carries with it the ability to affect numerous industries, including live events. Our study with Ipsos and Crowd DNA found that in the past year, 89 percent of Millennials attended at least one event, up 7 percentage points from three years prior. As the current crop of 20-36-year-olds extends its purchasing power, event creators need… more